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One of the tools we use for our creations is Soundpainting, a multidisciplinary sign language of live composition. This language is learned and played by musicians, dancers and visual artists; It consists of more than 1200 signs that are used to generate, organize and develop the material in live creations.

Soundpainting is a multidisciplinary sign language for composing in real time. Created by Walter Thompson in 1974 in New York, nowadays it has about 1200 signs and it is the language used by the soundpainter / director to indicate what kind of artistic material he suggests and also to interact with the performers and thus create the compositions at the moment.

Performers offer different artistic materials following the instructions of the Soundpainter, taking into account what is happening and also guided by their own criteria. All the artists are connected and interacting, in any way, at all times.

Soundpainter constantly makes decisions to organize the material that is being generated and, until the specific moment in which it is generated, nobody knows exactly what will happen.


The signs of the language are organized by means of the syntax: Who, What, How and When.

Thus, we will find different types of signs that can indicate us: a specific material, a style, a genre, discipline, scenic locations, intentions, qualities of sound, etc.

It is, in the end, conducted, unique and unrepeatable improvisations.

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