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Arnau Millà - artistic direction / soundpainter

Musician, Soundpainter and pedagogue. Founder and artistic director of the Free't Collective. Classical training started at the Escolania de Montserrat, continuing at the Professional Conservatory of Lleida and the Superior Conservatory of Zaragoza. He specializes in "Contemporary and experimental music" at the ArtEZ University of Holland and in "Electronic and Sound Composition" at the IDC of the Pompeu Fabra University.

Currently a professor at the Municipal Conservatory of Lleida, he has been collaborating with contemporary dance companies in the field of musical creation and directs the collective Free't for improvisation and live creation. Soundpainter certified directly by the creator of the language Walter Thompson, is a member of the Soundpainting International Think Tank, where the language of live composition is developed and improved periodically.

As a creator, he develops projects that link different artistic languages ​​with live composition and improvisation, always in search of connections between people and the habitat in which they coexist.

In this creative line, he has collaborated and directed projects with artists and entities such as Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny, the Joan Brossa Foundation, the La Seca Theater, the Lleida Auditorium, the Civic Centers of Barcelona and has worked with groups from various Conservatories and Music Schools of Catalonia.

In the last year, he has directed Soundpainting and improvisation projects in artistic groups of musicians and dancers, both professionally and pedagogically in Catalonia, Italy, Japan, Germany and Taiwan, with artists such as Nobuyoshi Asai, Norihito Ishii, The Company, Atsuko Arai, Oyacho Kadono Auditorium, Taipei Male Choir, Hsinchu Krisyal Choir, Bologna University, CI Camp d'Italia, and Axis Syllabus Nomady College in Berlin.



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