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Music and light show

Order: Water Museum for the 225 years of the construction of the Water Plan deposit.

Première on December 2, 2017 at the Repository of the Water Plan of Lleida.

Action on May 15, 2018

Music x Architecture 2018. 48H Open House Barcelona



The musicians of the Col·lectiu Free't propose a unique acoustic experience, with an atypical training designed and designed especially for architectures and spaces with a lot of resonance. The project was premiered at the Deposit of the "Plà de l'aigua" of Lleida, on the 225th anniversary of its construction on December 2017.

The phenomenon of drone music is undergoing a renewed push in recent years. Below this nomenclature are included sound proposals that consist of keeping several notes, agreements, sound masses or textures over time. Drone music is characterized by the absence of rhythmic patterns. Sound fluxes of progressive intensity where narrative changes are developed at the micro level (textures, timbres, etc.) extended in very long periods.

The group will perform a drone based on previously organized sound material and will be modified very slowly from the direction of Arnau Millà, director of Collective Free't. A proposal that is designed to mimic the space where it will be carried out; Be as real as the walls, columns and roof of the tank, an imposing and overwhelming sound mass that traps, surrounds and floods listeners who want to immerse themselves.

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