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Site-specific multidisciplinary projects.



The period of confinement has given us time to observe. Connected worldwide but without leaving home. Every window is a world. Each window is a mental frame. Like the frames in a museum's paintings.

Each window is a landscape.



First phase of the project: Actions in the municipality of Lleida. #Fasecultura programmed by Paeria.


Postponed dates: 17/07/2020 and 24/07/2020



These are various representations / actions of the Col·lectiu Free’t  in different carefully chosen locations. Performances do not take place simultaneously, but are scheduled on different days or time slots. These actions will be defined in the design of a map - program.

These actions take into account the landscape and the intervention space. There is an artistic relationship that is made by creating specific pieces linked to each place. It seeks the contemplation and rediscovery of spaces, landscapes and the city, highlighting and giving importance to the place through which it is made.


Contemporary language, stage actions, sound material, movement and texts will define the actions.

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