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Multi-disciplinary site-specific show.



Responsible for the inaugural show of the Contemporary Creation Festival Embarrat.



Community project of the Collective Free't, with the participation of the Training Center La Solana and students of music of Lleida

It opens on May 26, 2016 on the ships of the old Trepat Factory of Tàrrega.


81, is a piece made in space and space: the ships 4, 5 and 6 of the Factory of Cal Trepat. And with a vision of a community project, with the collaboration of La Solana Training Center and musicians from the territory.

"You enter a ship and you're another. You're carrying a car and you're another. Tap an instrument and you're another. You talk on the phone and you're another.


You enter an industrial warehouse and you already have the head of roofs and high ceilings, the hands carry gloves and the feet crawl over the account. You carry a car and you stop having legs to have wheels, and instead of having a motor heart.


You play a musical instrument and you're an industrial machine and every breath of yours is full of particles intended to "win the bread."


You speak by phone and your voice is already electric: terror comes when you hang up. You see the metamorphosis."

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