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Multidisciplinary show with Butoh dance.



Work in progress Research during the artistic residence at the Konvent 0 (Berga) of the Collective Free't and the Japanese dancer Norihito Ishii.

First samples of the work at the Turbina Festival of scenic arts (Colònia Vidal). September 2018


 >> VIDEO 


The Garden is a comfortable space where life grows: the world in a square. It is also a wild space where death lies: the underwhelming report. A poetics of presence, of gesture.

The Free't Collective proposes an interdisciplinary piece where the poetry of the Japanese dance gesture Butoh is explored in relation to the language of improvisation and live composition. A training designed and designed especially for the project: three dancers, three stringed string musicians, three actors who sound (a word and a clarinet), a percussionist, a pianist and a soundpainter will delimit the garden where wild creatures are born and die.


The project is the result of the artistic residence in the Konvent0 del Col·lectiu Free't along with the dancer of the company Sankai Juku, the Japanese artist Norihito Ishii.

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