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Actions in the landscape


Interdisciplinary concert



Premiere: on June 2, 2018 at La Vinya dels artistes (La Pobla de Cérvoles)


Organized by: Cor Euridice


Sponsored by: Celler Mas Blanch i Jové





"A spectacle designed for the landscape and created with the landscape".

"The Celler de la Vinya dels Artistes has been constructed with the stone of the margin of the fourth wall, collapsed. Everything is a scene, everything is flat. Everything is a staging of the real thing to get to be in the same space the acting bodies, the people, the landscape and the cellar.


The completely unstable relation between the visible (that sounds) world of the artists, the people and the visible world (that sounds) of the landscape.


Everything is a variable of an event: Light, dusk, silence that casts all sounds, temperature, humidity, body, listening, smell, fear and joy and desire, gestures and actions.


The air of the earth or the lungs becomes music.

Opening, closing; diastole, systole; inspiration, expiration.


Do not tell him art, tell him metamorphosis. "

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